Bohemian Budapest: Street Art Guided Tour


Just a few steps with us to reveal secrets and mysteries of Budapest.

If you are looking for a place where history and cultural heritage go hand in hand with gastronomy, art and nightlife, Budapest is your place! On this tour we leave the main attractions behind to explore a different side of Budapest: the Bohemian one! Walking through the streets of District VII is like walking through an open-air museum: murals, and graffiti, surprise statues and incredible sreet art elements all around, combined with a great variety of gastronomic representatives, ruin bars, vintage boutiques and craft shops. Join is to discover the hidden gems of the Jewish Quarter and see how vibrant this city is!

Bohemian Budapest: Street Art Guided Tour


Shh!! Listen to the stories of the buildings in the company of professional tour guides and discover the hidden treasures during the interactive walking tours.

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