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Urban games

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Exciting urban stories, riddles, exploring new places and teamwork.

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Street art & ruin bars

7th district of Budapest is aimed to tease all our senses. Walking down on the streets we can easily step into the world of street art. Giant mural paintings, graffities are coloring this part of the city, telling stories about history, traditions and art. Once the power of this street art  is fulfilling us, best to continue our walk in the world of a hungarian invention, ruin bars: Take an old building, open a bar, fill it up with old furniture from house-clearance, find a funky name and let magic happen, people will queue for it! 

Let’s go to enjoy public art at its best!

From 58.000 HUF/ group

Gardens of Buda Castle

“Who loves flowers, can not be a bad person” -leads us our most popular thematic walk around Buda Castle. During this pleasant walk we will learn the past and present of royal gardening, take a break in the shade of the oldest tree in Budapest, travel back in time to Franz Joseph and Sissy and rediscover the secret language of flowers.

Join us to see how the built and natural values are completing each other at Buda Castle.

From 58.000 HUF/ group

Wine-tasting in Buda

Buda is famous for thermal baths, great views, hills, Buda Castle and Palace -would the regular tour guide describe it. But let me tell you more, not so long ago, it was an important wine area! On Gellért-hill’s fertile ground many noble and local  grape types were growing, ever since Roman times, giving it a completely different atmosphere as it is today. Nowadays there are no more signs of wineries, only people living in the area might have some memories, information about it. 

Walk with us to hear long-forgotten stories and learn more about local wine producing, of course with tasting Gellért-hill”s ancient wines. 

From 85.000 HUF/ group

Buda Castle underground

Buda Castle is the most important tourist destination of Budapest. Walk through the tiny streets, historical buildings, and you will learn a lot about the history and legends. 

However if you are looking for adventures and secrets, better come with us underground!

Under the feet of thousands of tourists there are complete tunnel systems naturally created, also built and used by locals. Walk with us through this labyrinth to learn about the wine culture, war times and middle age prisons, as well.

From 64.000 HUF/ group

“The Paul street boys” were here

Novel by Ferenc Molnár, is one of the most known, read and translated young-adult novels in Hungary. The message and values are eternal for young generations of all nations.

Step into the world of the Paul street boys, walk through the iconic locations, play their games and learn again what a teamspirit and friendship means by  recreating the “fight” of the novel.

Unique and interactive way to place a novel into real life, recommended for young-adults, and adults who dare to be young again!

From 58.000 HUF/ group

Romantic mission

Romantic scavenger hunt for couples

Travel back to the 70’s and be part of a mission finding the hidden package of your mysterious friend. Follow the clues, solve the puzzles while discovering the most romantic area of Budapest. Enter exclusive places and explore the Buda Castle area off the beaten track.

Let the adventure begin! Be at the given place in the given time, take your starting package and complete the mission! 

15.000 HUF / couple

Murder mystery at Gellért thermal-bath

Scavengers hunt for groups of 2 to 5, more teams can compete against each other.

You are part of a special investigation team, and need to solve the murder mystery at Gellért thermal-bath. Read the journal of a mysterious man, crack codes, solve the mystery while visiting the beautiful, hidden part of Budapest 

Are you ready to solve this misterios case? We need you!

from 15.000 HUF / group (2 to 5)

The Budapest-code

Teambuilding scavenger hunt for group of 10+

Players grouped in teams of 4-5 to solve the Budapest code as fast as possible, while keeping their flag safe from other groups. Who will be the fastest and smartest, who can collaborate the best? Choose your strategy, crack codes, learn the less known details about Buda Castle area and have fun with your team like never before.

from 5000 HUF / player